About Us -

Three Generations With

Hello!  My name is Thomas. I have grown up with Weimaraner’s my entire life! I am a third generation Weimaraner owner. This is a breed that I am proud to say has always and will always be in my life! I will never not be in amazement of these dogs and their eagerness to be playful and silly. As well as the love they contiously show to their owners. 


Our Story Begins

Arnold(13 y/o) has been the greatest dog I could ever ask for! He has been with me through thick and thin. In his older years he loves laying in the living room while the sun is coming through the window and sleeping. He still enjoys being outside and playing as if he was a puppy. We originally bought Arnold from a breeder out in West Pennsylvania. He was 8 weeks old, when we first met him. It was by far, the greatest experience we ever had. Arnold was so well taken care of by the owners of the mom and dad it was truly amazing!


Our First Girl

After experiencing Arnold’s personality, we decided to purchase our first Weimaraner girl, Princess!

Princess has an amazing personality as well and she was our very first blue Weimaraner! Although she is now 12 years old, she still loves to play around and pretend she is still a puppy to this day! Princess absolutely loves the outside and roaming around in the grass and woods and going on small adventures! As princess grew up, we tried our best to train Princess and Arnold to be extremely well mannered and behaved, in the high hopes that their traits would be passed down to their puppies.


The Story Continues

To our hopes, our very first litter was a huge success! Before we knew it, we had many people who had originally bought puppies from us asking if we would have any more litters in the near future. And so, the rest is history! Although Arnold is now long retired in the breeding years, he is considered to be the grandfather of all puppies that are now born from his sons, L.A. (Little Arnold) and Ranger are now the new proud fathers of the pups!