Our Process For Our Weimaraner Puppies

The Story Begins
Life Begins
weimaraner puppies

When one of our females' is pregnant, we are adamant to keep a close eye on them. Especially two weeks before they are expected to give birth to make sure there are no complications during labor. Once it is finally the time for them to go into labor, the puppies are then born inside our own home, often times our own bedroom! When the puppies are first born, until their eyes start to open, around two weeks of age, the puppies and their mother's are in a specific section of the bedroom. This way we always keep a close eye on each of them including the mom. This insures everything is perfect and there are absolutely no problems whatsoever with any of the pups or the mom.

Weeks 2-3
A New Food
Weimaraner Pup

Once the weimarner  puppies are about 14 days to 21 days old, the little ones are then introduced to puppy milk formula. However, they rarely have any interest in the formula until they turn roughly three weeks old. It is always good to introduce it to them so they are slightly familiar with the puppy milk when their time comes to try it out and take their first sip!

When the pups then turn three and a half weeks old, we then introduce to them puppy food (mixed with warm puppy milk). This causes the small pebbles of puppy food to absorb the puppy milk and soften it substantially making it easier for them to chew and digest due to not having all of their teeth just yet.

Weeks 4-5
Time For Learning

Around four and a half weeks old, the weimaraner puppies will have most of their teeth grown in by then. We then give them two bowls; One bowl is dry puppy food with no milk mixed in. The other bowl is just puppy milk. As the days go by and after each meal, we slowly cut back the amount of puppy milk they get and instead give them more water. Eventually weaning them off puppy milk at around five and a half weeks old.

During this time, (depending on the weather of course) we try are best to bring the puppies outside as much as possible! Our goal in doing this is to get them potty trained. Although they are still very young, you would be surprised on how fast they catch on to go to the bathroom outside after each meal!

Weeks 6-7

At around six weeks old, this is a very crucial part of their life when it comes to socializing, experience, traits, you name it! The puppies are very easily impressionable as they are always super curious about their environment and everything going on around them! We continuously play with them and introduce to wearing a collar, so they begin to get familiar to it incase it is needed in their future home! During the six week point this is also the teething stage. We try to make sure there are an abundance of toys around for them to play with and chew on!

Weeks 8
Going Home

Around eight weeks the pups are almost ready to go to their forever home! We always schedule a vet appointment around seven and a half weeks for the pups. That way, we know for a fact that all of our puppies are doing excellent in health and have NO issues whatsoever! All of our puppies come with a vet check and a health guarantee! The puppies will also be all up-to-date on ALL of their shots!

When the pups turn eight weeks old, they are FINALLY ready to go to their new homes! We always try our absolute best to accommodate everyone's schedule as best as possible! We usually like to schedule everyone in order of their deposit for that specific upcoming weekend; from Friday to Sunday night.